2018: Presentation Descriptions

CincyBrand 2018

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“Licensing From Your ‘Brand Business’ Perspective” Our panelists will address establishing a licensing program from the perspective of licensor, licensee, and outside counsel.  In particular, the panelists will address licensing from a business perspective, leveraging and growing brand equity by taking a brand to a wider audience, tips on choosing a licensee, and developing awareness of legal terms impacting licensing viability.

 “The Living Dead (Trademarks)” This presentation will focus on business and legal issues surrounding trademarks that have at one time enjoyed wide consumer recognition, but which are no longer used by the original owners.  In recent years, a business model has emerged whereby entrepreneurs aim to revive defunct brands which are still alive in the minds of consumers.  This has led to disputes between the “new” owners and the “original” owners of these defunct brands, as well as third parties that have acquired intervening rights in the time between the abandonment by the original owners and the adoption by the new owners. The presentation will provide insight into the thinking of an entrepreneur active in this space, as well as a discussion by an IP attorney of relevant issues to be considered by companies looking to phase out brands and by companies looking to adopt defunct brands with existing goodwill.  Also to be discussed are recent steps taken by the US Patent and Trademark Office to combat a common practice by trademark owners that attempt to fraudulently maintain registrations of marks which are no longer in use.

 “Branding FC Cincinnati: The Importance of Branding in the Sports Arena” Sports team branding is essential to defining and communicating a team’s core values and identity.  A strong brand helps to establish a sustainable fan base and generates substantial income. Strong team brands drive attendance, merchandise sales, and fan engagement.  The considerable business valuations placed on sports franchises are a direct result of strong brands. Jeff Berding, General Manager and President of FC Cincinnati, will discuss the branding effort behind the formation of a new professional sport team.  Jeff will discuss how FC Cincinnati created one of the largest soccer fan bases in the United States in a few short years through strong branding and the importance of endorsements, advertisements, and community engagement. Importantly he will discuss the importance of branding as the Club makes a bid for an Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise.

 “Driving Customer Response Through Data Analytics” David Hills and Julie Pahutski will delve into the area of marketing analytics and the part that analytics play in marketing today.  Specifically, they will address challenges they face, benefits to incorporating analytics into marketing efforts, and the development of new industries that have arisen from marketers’ desires to utilize data to achieve better business results.  They will also address the legal environment around the use of data analytics, considerations regarding when and how to use data, and how data is gathered, modeled, and mined.

 “Fiona: The Branding Sensation” Chad Yelton, VP of Marketing & Communications for the Cincinnati Zoo (and Fiona’s agent) will tell the story of Fiona, the premature hippo, and how the Cincinnati Zoo’s decision to take a chance on putting her in the spotlight has launched her (and the Zoo) into stardom.  In particular, Chad will discuss the licensing deals, marketing opportunities, and infringements on Fiona’s likeness that he has dealt with over the last year.  Chad will also briefly discuss the Zoo’s considerations on how to best protect the brand that has resulted from the public’s love for Fiona.

 “Branding and Marketing Through Social Media” Social media allows companies to engage customers in their world, directly and in real time.  Effective branding and marketing through social media can reinforce and bolster meaningful relationships created through traditional marketing channels.  Our panel will discuss the impact of social media on their own marketing and branding strategies as well as their experiences with effectively connecting with consumers.  Our panel will also be discussing how to choose what social media platforms are right for your brand; what content you need to support your social media marketing; and how to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.