2016: Presentation Descriptions

CincyBrand 2016

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“The Fight Between Innovation and Protection”

An enlightening discussion between how creativity and legal can work together.  Neither one wants to stymie creativity.  However, there are legal ramifications if creativity does not meet with legal before releasing their ideas without protection.  Teamwork is required and this panel will discuss how the two sides can become friends.  The two sides might disagree time to time – but in the end, both are working towards the same goal: Partnership to provide innovations.  Not a “fight” – a mutual respect, admiration and win/win.  This panel will demonstrate how we all can learn from each other – and be educated how “creativity meets legal” can be a very a good end result.

Privacy and Security in the Internet of Things

Digital marketing evolves rapidly to keep up with ever-changing devices, platforms and consumers themselves.  Laws and regulations change quickly in this space, too.  Learn about the latest trends from two of Procter & Gamble’s digital and privacy law experts and hear how the marketing giant balances business goals and creative objectives with legal compliance and smart risk.

“Value Driven Client Counseling: Exploring the Intersection of Law and Brand Management”

Providing and receiving high value trademark work requires careful alignment of legal strategies with brand marketing strategies.  In order to answer questions like when is a legal victory also a business victory, when is a win bad for business, or when is loss actually good for the business, we must first understand the brand owner’s goals.  All case specific goals should be driven by the brand owner’s overall brand marketing strategy.  After a high level overview of key trademark fundamentals, we will consider the impact a brand owner’s brand strategy should have on its trademark prosecution and enforcement efforts and explore how trademark law and key outcomes should in turn influence the brand owner’s brand strategy.

“Legal and Communications: Working Together to Prevent and Resolve Crisis”

With technology constantly evolving and an increasingly threatening the security landscape, Jennifer Dzwonar and Stacy Sarault will discuss how a robust communication strategy and campaign can help embed information-security practices into company culture. The session will also look at how legal and communication teams can work together to protect your biggest asset before, during and after a crisis.

“Branding Cincinnati”

Hear from panelists involved in Cincinnati’s recent revitalization about the array of efforts that have contributed to rebranding the city and promoting it as a modern and dynamic Midwest destination.  Gain insight into Cincinnati’s business growth and workforce recruitment strategies from Stacie Dastoor of REDI Cincinnati and learn from Julie Calvert of Source Cincinnati about the work involved in garnering national media coverage for Cincinnati in publications like National Geographic and The New York Times.  Karen Forgus of the Cincinnati Reds will add perspective on the interdependent relationship between the city and its baseball team plus the impact of the 2015 MLB All-Star Game.  Kristen Schlotman will provide a glimpse into the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Film Commission’s work to develop Cincinnati’s film production industry and the local benefits around the excitement of films such as Carol.  Join us to hear how these interconnected yet diverse organizations are shaping the future of Cincinnati.

“Trade Dress Protection and Strategy”

Protecting your brand often involves more than protecting your word mark or logo.  It involves protecting the appearance and overall image of a product or business.  In this session, we will discuss what is protectable trade dress, what constitutes trade dress infringement, including how and why the standard may be different for private label products, and some proactive steps you can take in protecting trade dress.

 “Branding in the Craft Beer Industry”

The craft beer industry is one of the hottest growing markets in the country, including here in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Our panel of craft brewers will explore the challenges of protecting and building not only brands as a company but also brands for individual beers.  The panelists will share lessons learned, how the industry interacts as a whole, and recommendations for other burgeoning markets.