Premier Conferences

CincyIP is pleased to offer CincyBrand and CincyBright, our premier conferences, held in alternating years. Our earlier premier conference, CincyBio, is on hiatus.  


CincyBrand is dedicated to branding, and the intellectual property protections used to build up and secure those brands. See below for more information on our CincyBrand conferences:

CincyBrand 2018

CincyBrand 2016

CincyBrand 2014


CincyBright is geared toward not only attorneys, but also the innovators, entrepreneurs, emerging companies, startups, and other small businesses that work tirelessly to bring their ideas and inventions to life.

CincyBright 2019


CincyBio was dedicated to the biosciences, and related intellectual property protections.  See below for more information on our CincyBio conferences:

CincyBio 2017

CincyBio 2015