Section 337 and the U.S. International Trade Commission


Deanna Okun,
Adduci Mastriani & Schaumberg LLP
Lauren Peterson, Adduci Mastriani & Schaumberg LLP
Tom Schaumberg, Adduci Mastriani & Schaumberg LLP

Join us on October 19, 2021 for a discussion on Section 337 and the U.S. International Trade Commission, led by Deanna Tanner Okun, Lauren E. Peterson, and Tom M. Schaumberg of Adduci Mastriani & Schaumberg LLP. 

Section 337 investigations before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) provide a powerful tool for intellectual property rights holders in the United States to protect their IP against infringement in importation. 

Navigate this intersection of international trade and intellectual property with this presentation from experienced attorneys at Adduci Mastriani & Schaumberg LLP. They will cover an overview of Section 337, benefits to litigating at the ITC rather than in federal district court, the Commission’s recent efforts to expedite proceedings in the interest of conserving resources, and some recent trends and developments.

We anticipate 1.0 hour of CLE in Ohio.  

Register here by October 16th at noon.

About the Speakers:

Deanna Tanner Okun is an international trade lawyer providing legal and strategic international trade policy advice to steer companies through the intersection where innovation confronts barriers, such as intellectual property theft, unfair trade practices, or regulatory hurdles. She is the managing partner at Adduci, Mastriani & Schaumberg LLP. Deanna’s practice involves all aspects of unfair trade litigation and trade remedy advocacy.  Her Section 337 work includes all stages of litigation at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) from pre-institution consultation to post-remedy enforcement with Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Lauren E. Peterson is an international trade and intellectual property attorney focusing her practice on Section 337 unfair competition investigations before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). She represents clients in a diverse assortment of industries, including steel, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, barbeque grills, consumer lighting, footwear, computers, flash memory devices, hospital beds, and office machines. She has handled claims involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, false designation of origin, and antitrust violations.

Tom M. Schaumberg has litigated Section 337 unfair competition cases for over 40 years before the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Tom has long been involved in shaping policies that have an impact on Section 337. Currently, he is focusing on issues that have arisen under Section 337 with respect to non-practicing entities and standard-setting organizations. 

2020-2021 Student-Attorney Mentorship Program – Apply by Sept. 25!


We are excited to announce that our annual Student-Attorney Mentorship Program is underway!  We invite all interested law students and IP attorneys in the Greater Cincinnati area to apply by September 25, 2020.  

Through the mentorship program, we match local law students interested in intellectual property law with a local intellectual property attorney.  We encourage each mentor-mentee pair to meet 2-3 times throughout the academic year, making the Program an easy commitment for all participants while providing the students an invaluable opportunity to ask questions, learn about IP practice, and grow their legal network while still in school.  Due to COVID-19, we request that at least the first meeting conducted virtually, with the student and attorney jointly deciding thereafter to conduct meetings virtually or in person.  The program has been a great success in the past, and we hope you will help us make this year’s program a success as well.

If you are a local IP attorney interested in participating as a mentor, please contact Alex Czanik at and indicate your current area(s) of practice.  If you were a mentor in the past, we would love to have you back!  

If you are a local law student interested in participating as a mentee, please complete the Student Form below and email it to Alex Czanik at  We will do our best to match all student applicants with an attorney mentor!  Please be sure to indicate the area(s) of IP law in which you are most interested so we can match you appropriately.

CincyIP 2020-2021 Mentorship Program – Student Form

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Chinese Patent Law Changes

Hui Wang, Foundin IP
Xu Li, Foundin IP

Join us on September 14, 2021 for a discussion on the fourth amendments of Chinese Patent Law, led by Hui Wang and Xu Li of Foundin IP.

Foundin IP is a comprehensive intellectual property firm that handles international patent matters. With many years of experience and more than 160 employees, Foundin IP is headquartered in Beijing with branches located in Tianjin, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Shenyang, and Yanji and overseas offices in Japan, the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

We anticipate 1.0 hour of CLE in Ohio.

Register here by September 10th at noon.

About the Speakers:

Mr. Hui Wang is Managing Partner at Foundin IP. Mr. Wang graduated from Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London (UK). He was engaged in research work in the fields of mechanics, chemical engineering, materials and electronics for more than eight years in the United Kingdom. He has been working in the patent field since his return to China in 2009. In addition to patent prosecution, Mr. Wang is actively involved in post-grant proceedings, anti-counterfeiting, transfer and licensing, and infringement litigation cases. 

Mr. Xu Li is a partner at Foundin IP who specializes in electrical & electronic engineering, communication engineering, and semiconductor device fabrication.  After graduating from FH Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Mr. Li worked at two different IP firms in Beijing as a patent attorney for five years. He has also worked in-house at an integrated circuit tester manufacturer. Mr. Li is very experienced in handling national and international applications, including application and prosecution, and reexamination. Mr. Li is also a member of Foundin IP’s international team and in responsible for international cooperation and communication with clients from the United States and Europe.

Federal Circuit and Supreme Court Cases

John Luken, Dinsmore
Matthew Molloy, Dinsmore

Join us on August 17, 2021 for a discussion on recent Federal Circuit and Supreme Court cases, led by Matthew Molloy and John Luken of Dinsmore.

This presentation will give insights and guidance for both litigators and prosecutors. We anticipate 1.0 hour of CLE in Ohio.

Out of an abundance of caution for the health of all attendees and community members, CincyIP will be hosting this event online only, rather than offering an option for in-person attendance. We hope to be able to resume in person attendance soon. 

Register here by August 13th at noon.

About the Speakers:

John Luken is a partner in Dinsmore’s Cincinnati office. His practice focuses on patent infringement litigation and appeals, as well as complex commercial and other intellectual property litigation. He has handled patent infringement cases involving a variety of services and products. 

Matthew Molloy is a partner in Dinsmore’s Dayton office. He is admitted to practice before the USPTO and has extensive experience in the preparation and prosecution of patents in the U.S. and abroad. He brings expertise in managing international patent portfolios, rendering patent opinions, and negotiating and drafting IP license agreements.