From Invention to Product- IP Issues and Strategies February 2011 Meeting

CincyIP Presents:
From Invention to Product-
IP Issues and Strategies

February 8, 2011

11:45am – 1:30pm

The Cincinnatian Hotel
1.0 hour Ohio CLE (applied)

A panel will discuss the process in which IP attorneys work in practical ways with inventors and businesspersons during the process of creating new inventions, researching markets, validating the inventions and developing them into saleable products. The speakers will focus on the legal issues that have arisen in their careers and the strategies and techniques that they have developed in their practices to deal with those issues. The panel will specifically address issues related to open innovation.

The panel will include:

• James J. Cunningham, Esq. (President, The Circuit)
• Sally Evans Kay (Principal, Strategic Product Development)
• Leonard W. Lewis, Esq. (Associate General Counsel – Intellectual Property, Global Home Care and North America Fabric Care for The Procter & Gamble Company)
• Thomas W. Humphrey, Esq. (Partner, Wood, Herron & Evans LLP)

PRICES (including lunch):
• $20 for Members (includes 1 Hr Ohio CLE)
• $30 Non-Member with CLE
• $20 Non-Member without CLE
• $15 Students and Full-Time Academics