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Intellectual Property Diversity & Inclusion Training: What Every IP Attorney Needs to Know

Please note the December CLE will be held at the Backstage Event Center, located at 625 Walnut Street (above Horse & Barrel and across the street from the Aronoff Center).

Join us on December 10, 2019 for a discussion with Tammy Bennett of Dinsmore & Schohl LLP. Ms. Bennett will cover the business case for diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias barriers, and intellectual competency.

One hour of Attorney Conduct CLE is anticipated for this event.

Register here by Wednesday, December 4 at noon.

About the speaker:

Ms. Bennett has more than 15 years of employment law experience providing counsel in HR compliance and best, and next, practices. She creates HR tool kits, policies and procedures, conducts training, evaluates performance, oversees workplace investigations and leads networking events such as round tables.

Ms. Bennett specializes in providing clients practical advice and training regarding leave management, including the FMLA and ADAAA, wage and hour, talent acquisition (recruitment), EEO compliance, diversity and inclusion, conflict management and dispute resolution, leadership development and human resources management. She also consults on recent HR issues, such as the multigenerational workplace, LGBTQ trends and HR data analytics.


Brand Protection: Preventing and Frustrating Counterfeiters

Please note the November CLE will be held at the Backstage Event Center, located at 625 Walnut Street (above Horse & Barrel and across the street from the Aronoff Center).

Join us on November 12, 2019 for a discussion with Tiffany Shepard of Procter & Gamble. Ms. Shepard will discuss P&G’s Brand Protection program, how IP protections translate in the law enforcement world, and how to abate counterfeiting activities.

Brand protection online is now more challenging than ever. In addition to seeking trademark protection for your brand, both large and growing companies need to ensure that protections are in place to prevent counterfeiting by online resellers across the internet.

This CLE will cover the billion-dollar, underground industry of counterfeiting and ways to prevent and frustrate it. 

Register here by Monday, November 11 at noon.

About the speaker:

Ms. Shepard leads the North American Brand Protection program at Procter & Gamble. In this role, she interfaces with law enforcement, sets the litigation goals, and develops the overall enforcement strategy in dismantling third party counterfeiting networks. Prior to serving as Brand Protection counsel, Tiffany worked in P&G’s Brand Legal group, counseling business clients on advertising law, trademark protections and negotiating talent agreements. She joined P&G in 2013 after graduating from Northwestern University School of Law. Tiffany has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from Hampton University. Before coming to P&G, Tiffany served as Legal Counsel at IBM.