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Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Update: Significant Intellectual Property Decisions for 2016-2017

On July 11th, Matthew Molloy  and John Luken, both of  Dinsmore & Shohl, will discuss recent Supreme Court opinions pertaining to design patent damages (Apple v. Samsung), patent laches (SCA Hygiene v. First Quality Baby Prods), and patent infringement considerations when supplying components abroad (Lifetech v. Promega). Mr. Molloy and Mr. Luken will also discuss Supreme Court cases regarding international patent exhaustion (Lexmark v. Impression Prods) and patent venue (TC Heartland v. Kraft).

From the trademark side, Mr. Molloy and Mr. Luken will discuss the recent Supreme Court case pertaining to disparaging marks (Lee v. Tam).

From the copyright side, they will discuss the Supreme Court case pertaining to copyrights for useful articles (Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands).

For recent Federal Circuit cases, Mr. Molloy and Mr. Luken will discuss the continuing fall-out from the Supreme Court’s 35 U.S.C 101 decisions on patent eligibility for software and diagnostics.

This presentation will give specific insights and guidance for both litigators and prosecutors.


REGISTER HERE by noon, July 5, 2017.

*This event will take place at the Hampton Inn & Suites on Vine Street, which is just up the street from The Cincinnatian Hotel.  The event will be on the third floor in the Vine Street South Room.


Examiner Searching: Looking Through The Looking Glass

On June 13th, Dominic DeMarco of DeMarcoIP will discuss examiner patent searching.  Every single day, nearly 10,000 USPTO examiners do it. Some have the Midas touch and find novelty-destroying prior art on a regular basis. Others struggle to find art enabling them to pursue five-way obviousness rejections.  Clients are paying for these searches – both upfront for the act of searching by the USPTO, and down the road when the quality of the examiner search influences the future value of client assets.  Attorneys very closely monitor every office action during prosecution; but what about the examiner search effort? Does anyone know how to review this? What can this often-ignored section of the file history teach us? This presentation will be an educational foray into “Examiner Search Strategy.”  Dominic will discuss examiner search methodology, internal USPTO databases, and the “why” of examiner citations.

NOTE – this event will take place at Hampton Inn & Suites on Vine Street in Cincinnati (rather than at The Cincinnatian Hotel).




On Monday, May 1st, CincyIP will be hosting an exclusive event featuring Simon Tam of The Slants in the courtyard of Arnold’s Bar and Grill in downtown Cincinnati from 4:00 PM to 5:15 PM, with a special live acoustic show afterwards starting at 5:15 PM.

Ken Germain of Wood Herron & Evans will begin with an introduction to “matter which may disparage…persons…[or] institutions” in the context of U.S. trademark law, and the legal background of the In re Tam case to date.

Next, Simon Tam from The Slants will discuss his experience with the IP legal system, from the TTAB to the Federal Circuit, and now on to the Supreme Court.

The CLE will conclude with a panel discussion by Lori Krafte (Wood Herron & Evans), Karen Gaunt (Dinsmore), and Prof. Tim Armstrong (University of Cincinnati College of Law) on the 1st Amendment issues, trademark concerns, and future implications that this case brings.

At the close of the CLE, Simon will play a LIVE acoustic set featuring music from his band, The Slants.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime event!

REGISTER HERE by noon, April 26.

Read the Federal Circuit’s decision HERE.
Listen to The Slants for free via their website HERE.