The Devil Made Me Do It: Lessons Learned in Negotiating License Deals

Join us on November 14th at The Hampton Inn & Suites*, where Steve Gillen of Wood Herron & Evans will discuss lessons he has learned in negotiating license deals.

There is a well-established rule of construction applicable to the judicial interpretation of a contract: “Words in a written contract are to be interpreted according to their common, ordinary, and usual meaning . . . unless manifest absurdity results . . .” Foster Wheeler Enviresponse, Inc. v. Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority, 78 Ohio St. 3d 353 (1997).

Mr. Gillen has, over the course of his nearly 40 years of practice, collected many examples of contract language from a variety of IP licenses and agreements that illustrate the exception better than the rule. He will roll them out for your edification and entertainment.

REGISTER HERE by November 8th at noon.

*This month’s meeting will be held at the Hampton Inn & Suites, which is on Vine Street around the corner from The Cincinnatian.   


About the Speaker:

Steve Gillen is a partner at Wood Herron & Evans in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He counsels clients in publishing and entertainment transactions and disputes, Internet issues, advertising law, computer law, copyrights, and related matters. His clients have included publishers, authors, artists, photographers, videographers, independent producers, Internet service providers, multimedia developers, and software programmers from Maine to California. Steve has written and spoken nationally on various publishing and copyright topics and teaches courses in Media Law at the University of Cincinnati. Earlier in his career, Steve served as in-house counsel for a middle market publisher of high school and college educational materials.